Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Major Catch-up!

So...ya it has been a while since I have done any type of update! So I really need to get these on the blog!
So, we will start here!
This was a picture that my mother in law captured when we were taking our family pictures...ha! It was pretty darn funny that we were all trying to make P smile :) Good memories!
Family Hike!
This is how Paisley watches TV these days
This was a picture that I snapped before we left for AZ. Paisley's cousins just ADORE her. This is something that I love most about getting together with my family. Paisley just loves playing with her cousins and they love playing with PLaisey :) 
 Here is our moving truck...READY TO GO!! Crazy how real things got after that....
 Sweet Paisley girl on the drive to our new home in AZ.

 This is what you do in Flagstaff when it is real late and you NEED food. 
Walk through the drive through baby!!!
 Walking into our new home!
 The first week we moved in was BUSY. 
Going to many stores and doing many things on the long to do list. 
Paisley was a huge trooper and even bigger helper :) 
 We found out that P is the biggest fan of tools and helping her daddy. So cute :) 
 This was our couch for the first two weeks we lived there...and Paisley loved it :) 
 Swim days...ALL DAY
 We had the chance to go watch a friend of ours play in his minor league game! 
It was a freakin amazing night...and honestly life changing!!

Story <3
There is a facebook page for all of the Midwestern Wives and I had talked with a girl (or seen her posts) on this page. She was also a first year dental wife and had a baby about Paisley's age. 
I had a feeling that I should invite her family to the (very small and very quite) game. 
So we did! And they met us at the field!!!
We spent the next 5 innings talking with them and it was the best ever! Ever since that night we have honestly been together every single day.
I am happy to say that we hit it off and are the best of friends!!
Here is a picture of Paisley and Landon- already the best of buds :) 
 These days we seriously take 3 bathes a day...
 I have started working out more...and some days Paisley is very supportive of this goal...and other days...not so much.
 Oh, and can you tell that Paisley is naked...a lot? haha ya :) 
 The teething and cold bug hit us hard on daddy's first day of the week, so bring on the Tylenol!
 This is my new nap time hobby...calligraphy!
 I really wish we could get outside more...and not just to swim, but it is so hot! So we went on a walk the other day around 9 am and it was already 100 degrees! Sweaty mommy, sweaty baby!
 Not feeling well? The fix is always hot cocoa.
 Swimmin on the patio!

 Sweet smiling girl :) 

 After church selfie to show off my lipsense! haha...
 One of the many selfies I send Megan and Brittani...ha!

 First day of dental school for this sweet boy!
Soooooo...ooooo....PROUD OF HIM!
 We swim and eat lots of goldfish :) 
 Paisley is such a hog by the way...!!! I seriously barely got any of this frap and ended up having to hide it from her...
 At one of the girls nights that my friends and I had, we did a product party! This was one of the items that I won and did I not know about Half Baked?? It is soooo amazing. 
Craig and I sat down on the couch one night after a very tiring day of being a mom and dental student and we just about downed the entire bite at a time :) 
 When we aren't swimming, we are reading. It is her absolute favorite hobby right now and it is actually really sweet, even though I have to read the same books over and OVER. haha

My awesome family decided that they were going to take a little getaway trip to Brian Head for Labor Day weekend. I had so much anxiety over the drive to Vegas because it was going to be just me and Paisley, but she actually did really great! 
We had a blast :) 

the progression of the high chair...

Because we don't have stairs in our apartment, she had a BLAST when we got to my brother's home. 
She loves to go up and up and up...but never down. 

 Little helper with the laundry
 Lots of selfies sent to daddy!

 My cute 12 year old niece!! Can't believe how big she has gotten- she is turning into such a beautiful young woman!
 All the sweet girls were playing with Paisley one day (despite what it looks like) and it was so cute! She loves her cousins :) 
 Goin on hikes with mamma!!!
 Selfies to daddy at 2 am when the fam is playin BANG!!

 This is what family vacation looks like to me :) 
 Leavin Brain Head! - going home to see daddy!
Bath time selfies to daddy!

We love vacations!! YAY!!

Well there is a catch-up!!
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