Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Halloween 2016- The Year of Peter Pan

Halloween 2016 was my very favorite Halloween since being married...and the sad part was that I wasn't even with Craig- like ALL day!! haha
So that sounds really bad, but in all reality it was because I could celebrate Halloween for the first time with a toddler! It was so fun to help her do everything all day and watch her run around with excitement as she discovered all these new things...
And not to mention- that tink costume!!
October in AZ this year was especially hot- so we didn't spend much time outside that day- but this was taken right before we went over to the Midwestern Halloween party to go see dada!

She literally never sits still! 
This was right after she learned how to walk and as you can see, she was always on the move :) 

Craig does not love Halloween and doesn't really get the idea of dressing I finally had a buddy to dress up with this year!! Paisley might have to deal with theme costumes with me for a while to come :)
Our other buddies Brittany and Landon also were Peter Pan themed which is always fun :) 

So excited...can't hold still haha

Her little sweat curl on her forehead :) haha!


Two buddies :) 

For friends and family that know Paisley, they know this is "her face." 
Ever since birth we have been doin the "OOOOO!!!"
Love my buddy girl :) 
Happy Halloweeeeeeen 2016!!
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