Thursday, January 19, 2017

Update from before Thanksgiving!

So here we go kiddos!!

In October, I finally had the courage to start something that I have been really wanting to dive into for about 6 months. 
I didn't realize how scary it would be to start a small business and was very surprised by how much work it took (and is still taking!)
I have learned to balance life and business and am happy with where I am right now. 
I still have so far to go, but I am choosing not to get overwhelmed by it and just enjoy this matter how long it takes :) 

Snapchat fun with our buddies :) 

I also model on the side now...
JOKES. This was just for a friend- but it was pretty funny :) 
Yes, that is a tampon in her mouth :) hahaha!! NOT USED!!!

Craig's family came into town for his White Coat Ceremony and it was so SO much fun to have them here.
Great Grandpa Jay lovin on his Great Granddaughter :) 

Sexy Mr. Doctor Man :) 

one happy aunite and niece :) 

Paisley is a drooooooler...haha!! This was one day after her nap!!!!
I and a group of friends decided to make felt quiet books for our kids and man, it was a lot of work- but they turned out so cute!!
Dada and P playin in her new toy!

Bath time fun :) 
Let's just say that she found my markers and I am very grateful it just wasn't all over the walls!!!!!

Paisley kicked Craig right in the was like this for over a week!!!

Some of our friends went with us to a little farm during October time! It was fun and very different from Utah haha
It was so hot! 
Funny to switch things up like that from freezing Utah!

This was part of the petting zoo- before she was attacked by the goats..haha!
She loved the sleeping piggies though!!

Such a happy girl :) With her cake pop of course!

Force feeding her baby doll :) haha!
This is how we stay cool in AZ!

Blue tongues and suckers!

After working out!

Love our late afternoon walks!

Waiting for dad to get home from his conference in Chicago!!

Finished front of the felt book!!! of them :) 

OK! All caught up..for now!!
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