Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Break 2016

We had the chance to go back to Utah for Craig's TWO WEEK Thanksgiving break :) 
It was so much fun to see family and friends again because we hadn't seen most since August! 
We loved having some amazing fall weather and also got to pull out our warm winter clothes for the first time!
 When this girl refuses to eat anything for dinner, we just give her pickles...
this girl never says no to a pickle haha!
 We went to Tracy Aviary while we were up there and had so much fun (despite the look on Paisley's face)
We went to this bird show and every time the bird would fly over P's head or taken off to go get more food, she would look back at us with this look of amazement on her face :) 
We love seeing the world through her eyes.
 This was the first of the fall leaves we had seen- that weren't from Instagram you could say :) 
 Giving great grandma Carol lots of snuggles in church :) 

 Best little buddy cousins :) 

 We also went to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point and she loved seeing all the animals and made their noises too :) 

 Cowgirl hat!!

 Grandpa cuddlin his two grandbabies :) 

 Lovin those yogurt covered pretzels :) 
 Savior of the World with my hot date :) <3
 Eating a NANA all by herself for the first time!!

 Thanksgiving Day was spent with the whole Young family (my father-in-laws whole fam)
and it was a great day with lots of food and fun.

I could do this break all over again!!!
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