Tuesday, January 24, 2017

December Happenings

Before traveling to Utah for Christmas break, we had a great December with our pals in Arizona.
It doesn't snow here, nor does it even get THAT cold. SO, when we went to a Christmas Parade, we got a kick out of it because it felt like it was a day in July if there hadn't of been Santas all over haha

Each Monday I babysit for a friend and Paisley is loving it! 

Crazy hair days...

The christmas wreath I made for the door!
Walks to get the mail

Lickin the syrup off her plate :) haha!
We went with a bunch of our friends to dinner and to see the Mesa temple lights! 
Such a fun night :) 

Costco jammie buddies :) 

He's a lover haha

Surprise visit from my brother and sister-in-law!!
We were so surprised haha!
New double stroller! Love it!!
Little Ro Boat!
"Really mom?"
Sunny AZ days in December :) 
Walks and park days...everyday...
She just learned how to say "CHEESE"

Ward Christmas party!
When you take two kiddos to the park, they get really worn out which means naps for all three of us! haha
Zoo Day!

Makin Banana Bread with my little helper :) 

Long walk put her right to sleep!
I could have literally stared at her all day...oh she is so sweet!!!!
Trouble maker migee.

We made really close friends since moving down that we call our AZ Grandma and Grandpa. 
She made this little pillow for us because we live on a road named Utopia. 
She really is one of the kindest ladies and we are so sad they had to move to Utah right when we moved down :(
The idea of the pillow is that in life, right now, everything is pretty much everything but UTOPIA, but honestly, we have never, ever been this happy before. 
Starbucks after grocery shopping with this little pill was much deserved...for mamma! She just happened to benefit from it. haha
Bathtime for P.

Lovely December if you ask me :) 
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