Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Break 2016

We were able to go back to Utah again (haha two weeks after Thanksgiving!) for another two weeks!
This time it was much harder to leave because we don't know when we will be back again...but non the less, we had an amazing time again :) 

Good thing we are all still alive...
The day after we got into Utah, we had my Mom's side of them family Christmas Party. 
Always lots of laughs and good food :) 
And I LOVE my Aunt and Uncle's tree each year because it is huge and REAL! haha
While there, we had a blast with my family at Keys on Main in downtown, SLC. 
I had never been before and it honestly was a blast. :)
My sibs are kinda the bomb.
Running errands before Christmas!
SLC Temple Lights! I was so happy that my family decided to do this LAST MINUTE- the DAY before Christmas Eve. hahah!! IT WAS PACKED. 
Love these sissies of mine <3

Craig getting his snuggle on with his new niece...he wants another one realllll bad.

Brandon- photobombing every single picture. 
Almost killed him.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family this year and had such a special night together. 
This is the first year that my parents wouldn't be there for Christmas, and they were very, very missed. 
We had the chance to Skype them in for the nativity and that was great. 
SOOO thankful for technology. I honestly don't know what I would do without the chance to talk to my parents on a regular basis. 
Paisley was a cow in the nativity this year! haha!!!

Dancing with her niece, Bailey Sue!

When we got home from my families house on Christmas Eve, we hurried and changed into our jammies!
Well, at least Paisley and I did...Craigy was bein a bum about it haha

Paisley found her Aunt Kelcee's gingerbread house and was eating all the candy off of it!! hahaha
She is so funny :) 

Christmas morning was beautiful and perfect :) 
We had lots of fun opening presents with P. She actually kinda got a little of what was going on this year, unlike last year when she was just a few months old. haha

Her face all morning, was one of AWE. 
And just look at that bed head :) haha!
She always had to turn around and show everyone what she opened haha!

"Cookies for breakfast?? haha no p...."
and then she just got angry that I wouldn't open any of her stocking treats haha!

Slinky fun!

Perfect face for her 2017 Christmas!

Some of the loot

We love books!
Going to church!!! Mom got a new dress, Dad got a new tie...and 
well, Paisley didn't get anything fun for church...because her dress was HUGE on her. hahaha!!

 The saddest part of this trip was saying goodbye to my EMMA! 
This is Craig's brother's girlfriend. 
He is currently on a mission in the DR and Emma is leaving February 1st for Alaska! 
She is going to be one flippin amazing missionary...and once we are done with that chapter in life...
I hope that I will get the chance to get an awesome sister-in-law!


 FIRST. let me say how much I dislike puzzles. 
I think they are pretty darn boring and they are just a waste of time you could be doing something that is actually fun.

Well, Christmas mother-in-law got this puzzle and I did it all by myself. haha
I couldn't stop. 
 Temple date with the huns!

...and my favorite picture from the whole Christmas break...
Melts my heart each time. 
She has such an amazing great grandma <3
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