Thursday, January 26, 2017

January Happenings

Our January started out with a party at the Cardoso's- because we love to party with them :) 
We ate pizza and played games and enjoyed being back in our AZ home with our AZ family <3
Paisley P even got her first new years kiss from Lando!
Going to 11 am church with a toddler who is not in nursery yet requires a big mug of hot cocoa before leaving :) haha!
The pretty princess at church in a dress that her auntie made and her two other nieces have worn :)
 babysittin again :) 
She loves having a little pal to play with :) 
 Playin in the sand at the park! our jammies :) 
 getting snuggles from dada
 More part trips with our buddies!

 Temple day with our Megan and Nora buddies!

 The flowers in front of the temple are BEAUTIFUL!

 We now to night time prayers with Paisley and she loves it!
And we love how stinkin cute she is when she waits there patiently!! <3
 One morning she found her new life jacket for swimming and she wanted to put it on...well mom couldn't get her to take it off all morning haha
 Orange picking in AZ!!


Craig's new calling in church is nursery. 
Because Paisley is so close to nursery age, she just goes with him when he is in there. 
He sent me this picture on Sunday and I nearly started crying while sitting in Relief Society! 
My heart <3
She is growing up SO BIG. 

Loved our January and can't wait for even better months ahead!!
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