Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It's Been Too Long!

I need to play major catch up because, let's get real...I haven't been on this blog since January! 
AH. Too much life going on- I need to keep more memories before they are all forgotten!
So enjoy some of these random pics :)

 Insisted on holding both of our hands <3

 Going to the library during the afternoons is a good break in the day :)
I looked over and found her in the puppet basket - and this is only one of the times that I thought she was hilarious HA!
 Getting stuck in all the baskets these days :)

 That little pink nose you see there had been through a lot that day. 
One trip down four stairs...on her face, then two falls (head first) off the curb. 
Yup. She learned quickly you could say...
 Poor girl was so sickie and just snuggled up and fell asleep right on me. 
This NEVER happens guys, never. 

 Workin hard :)
 Walks around the temple on a Sunday after church <3

 Goof ball bein so cute after a long grocery run
 "Say CHEESE for mommy!"
 Morning Nana time!
 Sonic, Froggy Chair, and Moana- life doesn't really get any better!

 Doin' mammas hair- notice the brush that is hanging from my hair ha!
 Low piggies for the first time!

 A little late night target run with ma girl.
 Snapped a pic with Craig after a great stake conference the other night. 
Feelin the love for him- ya know? :) 
 Always snugglin during her shows...I love it :) 
 Bath time fun <3
 Pool time!!
 Beautiful AZ Sunsets- like usual!

 Babysitting cuties
 On the hunt for some lemons!

 Cleaning with mom! Such a good helper :) 
 ...She found the sucker stash...

 My curly haired girl!!

She fell asleep eating her pizza!!!
I died when I saw her :) hahaha!

 Always has to be close up!
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