Sunday, November 9, 2014

4 Hours of...HALLOWEEEN

I decided I better write this post before it is like Christmas or something...
it would just be unacceptable then...

So- here it is folks!
Yes, I am a person that does get excited to dress up for holidays.
I usually get pretty into it- but Craiger is the opposite. 
I couldn't make that kid dress up even if I tried with ALL of my might!
Plus- now he has an excuse. He can't dress up for work- thus no dressing up at all. 
Anyways- we will move on!
Last year I was a sick punk rocker.
Ya- no one took me seriously at work and they all thought the costume was BOMB!
Yes...this was the face all. day.
Felt pretty accomplished.
This year...
Let's just say that I was up till 12:30 the night before destroying my closet only to find this...
A PJ onsie from high school that I used to wear to early morning drill practices in the middle of winter.
Yes- I did wear that outside of my high school. SCARY.
So- I bought some hair spray color and moved on in my life.
And this is what I ended up being!
I was smart...or so I thought...if there is a Thing 2, then there has to be a Thing 1! That meant that I was not the only person dressed like this. But..yet ALL DAY LONG...I GOT ASKED WHAT I WAS and then when I told people all they would say was, "Well, where is Thing 1??"
 All I could say was..."I don't have one ok?!"
Ha- Craig- You are my Thing 1- and one day I will get you to dress up as one too!
So here is to lame Halloween costumes...
Impossible to wash out BLUE hairspray...
and footie pj's :)
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  1. i never would have been able to come up with "thing one" at 12:30 am - you are rocking it!

    1. Kayla...honestly...I brought like 3 (really awful) costumes with me to work because we are required to dress up...and holy hannah it was embarrassing. I finally had to print out a Thing 2 paper to put on my belly hahah!! I do not recommend coming up with costumes last minute...boy o boy :)

  2. You can tell Craig that chance and I are super disappointed in him! Haha you can dress up with us next year!!

    1. Deal! I day I will get him day...


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