Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter from a Wife

Dear Huns,
I am sorry that all you eat anymore is Squigly Noodles (aka. Top Ramen).
Oh...and Quesadillas...
But hey...I am really glad that we discovered canned Chili again...
It is always good to rediscover favorite (canned) foods right?
I am grateful that you are so willing to do the dishes all the time.
I promise I will start helping more.
Thanks for keeping my side of the bed warm when I stay up late doing homework.
 Oh, and don't mind my books laying everywhere...
I promise I will finally clean 6 weeks.
last but not least...
thank you for being so patient and loving all of the time.
You are exactly what I have always needed.
Love you always,
crazy, sleep deprived, baby hungry, chocolate loving, smilie, "got no time!"

(Oh, yes- this picture does include one of the best 50 year old photo bombers :)- it is a keeper)
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  1. you guys are really cute. and canned chili is SO GOOD.

  2. K this is so random but I came across your blog at All My Best and small world, I know your husband from high school! I really love this letter because it's so honest, 6 weeks sound pretty realistic. Husbands are the best :)

    1. Ha that is pretty dang funny Kristin! I don't know what kind of kid he was back then- I only know that he was probably an angry wrestler who was always sucking weight! HA! I am so glad you found my blog! Yes- I keep it pretty dang honest on here- I am not a good faker :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am excited to follow your blog!..and YES! Husbands are the very best :)


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