Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little Things

I have learned many...MANY new things since I got married.
I mean, I know it has only been about a year and a half now, but seriously...I have learned a lot :)

Growing up as pretty much an only child (my next oldest sibling is 8.5 years older than me) I was pretty darn spoiled.
Oh, I hated it when people would tell me this (especially my siblings) but looking back, I can honestly say how spoiled I really was. 
I had friends that had EVERYTHING plus in my mind- it was only unfair if I didn't have almost everything I wanted. 
Don't judge...I was naive.

But, ever since I married Craig- I have had my outlook change on many different things. 
A lot of it has come from just being a poor newlywed. 
We haven't bought everything we have wanted because we just have been wanting to save for the future. My security blanket is money- and I don't feel safe without it.
Craig agrees that saving is way more important than buying what we want right now.

But, another part of this is the person that I married.
Craiger :)
He is such a simple guy. 
I, on the other hand, am not as simple. 
I grew up going to dinner with my parents each Friday and Saturday night.
But, a normal dinner to me was at a sit down restaurant like Olive Garden!
Oh gosh- wake up call when I got married!

Craig and I think a nice dinner is a little Taco Amigo on the go with a Redbox in hand!
We feel ultimately spoiled when we go to a nice sit down restaurant!

And you want to know what I have decided?
I like it that way :)

I have learned that I don't have to have big extravagent things always. 
Yes, sometimes and once in a while is PERFECT. 
But, I don't need it everyday.
And it most certainly should never feel normal.
...well at least not till we are retired and SPOILED. :)
  So- ya- I am grateful for a simple man that is by my side.
I am happy that he has taught me how to enjoy the simple things in life.
I am grateful for the trials that we have. 
Big and Small.
They help us grow and become who we are!
No matter how hard it is at times :)
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  1. i'm so glad you wrote this! i was chatting with a bunch of girls a few weeks ago about being a newlywed, & none of them had to struggle with money or go without once they got married. although it works different for everyone, hearing that made me SO GLAD that jordan and i were so poor when we first got married. we have a LOT more breathing room now - although we try to be smart. but those first 6 months or so, we pinched pennies and we learned how to be a good team, and we learned fast. i am so grateful for those experiences, they brought us together in a way that nothing else could.

    even though we are doing fine now - sometimes i catch myself looking at our friends, taking these insanely pricey vacations and buying houses & i start to feel a little bad that we are not there yet, and then i slap myself! there's always going to be someone else with more, and i need to be grateful for what we have (even if we don't go to olive garden every weekend.) and no matter how much money we have, i'll ALWAYS be spoiled for getting to have my husband by my side. anyway, that would be the end of my novel. thank you for your thoughts, they are always so down to earth & help me get a little perspective. you're great. xo

    1. GOSH. You kidding me. I swear I have major respect for people who can budget even more than we do. But- I just can't believe those couples that don't have to budget. Really? I mean I don't feel like Craiger and I will ever have enough money that we can just get whatever we want. Probably a good thing, honestly. I completely agree.
      Comparison is really hard. Honestly- but like they say, Jealousy is the big green monster. I don't know about you, but for me- I have let that get a hold of me before and it honestly is the most damaging thing in life.
      Don't worry Kayla! I like novels :) thanks for the comments lady!! XO


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