Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Am A Mormon

As if you didn't already know this...
But, yes. 
I am a Mormon!

Craig and I recently went on a vacation with his family to Zions (more to come on that)
and we took the time one night to go see the movie...

Meet the Mormons
Yes- I am sure you have all heard about it- but I just wanted to add my little piece.

Craig was so excited to see this movie for some reason.
(he usually only gets that way with super hero movies...)
But I on the other hand had the attitude of, "Ya cool! I will see it when I see it..."

So we went to see it and I was pleasantly surprised!  
Not only did I cry through half of it- but it made me glow inside!

Best part though-

Guys- Craig hasn't cried since our wedding.
I seriously have seen this kid only cry like twice in my life.
 so- it was a big moment. BIG.

So- honestly, if you haven't seen it. I dare you to!

It is life changing :)

Thanks for reading my schpillll :) 

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  1. beautiful post! i haven't seen it yet.... but am dying to! :)

    1. Please go see it!! You will be shocked by how much it inspires you :) I really had that moment of "Man! I am really happy that I am a member of this true church!"

      P.S. I just found your blog and it is OH SO CUTE! So excited to follow along!

  2. Such a good movie! I she a few tears as well. The movies was so, so beautiful in so many ways.

    1. Right?! A few- man girl- you held it together then! I was the girl sitting in the road like leaning toward the screen, wide eyed, ugly crying. haha!

  3. I still haven't seen this. I'm dying to though. I wonder when it's coming out on DVD if it's not out already.


    1. Mila! You need it! But- if you are a crier- make sure to pack that box of tissues with you! I am not sure when it comes out- but it will certainly be on my "to-buy" list :)


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