Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm Back!

YA- You read that right!

Over in the Youngins' house- we have finished finals and are starting to finally enjoy this Christmas season! 
With this time of year, everyone is busy- but as a drill coach- not even my Saturdays are free. 
I finally had time to do some Christmas shopping for my honey, but neighbor gifts? friend gifts? anyone-else-gifts? 
YA...non-existent at this point in time...
I keep telling myself- Maybe after Christmas?

Guess we will see about that one...

Oh my goodness! 
I just have SO much blogging to catch up on!
So, please do not mind if you are seeing pictures from the summertime on here- or at least don't be surprised :) HA

It happens folks. 

I have major respect for gals that can do this school thing, work thing, the other work thing, the husband thing, and STILL have time to sit down and compose some thoughts on the screen. 

So as for this gal...
Here comes some big updates- prepare yourselves :)

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  1. YAY i'm excited!! i have missed your cute posts!

    1. AWE! That means there is at least one person that reads right? haha! Thanks girl :)


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