Sunday, December 21, 2014

Growing Up

This little chicka has become one of my best friends.
My sweetheart niece, Bailey Sue, is one years old and I just can’t believe how fast time as passed!
Although she isn’t one of my own kids, I sort of feel that I have had a taste what having a little girl would be like. She is such a little stinker sometimes, but all of those times are worth it when she just sits and hugs and snuggles you.
I love when Craig and I get to baby sit some of my nieces and nephews! It is just so fun to see how Craig interacts with the kids. He is sometimes just one of them! He absolutely loves to be with kids and honestly- I know he will be an amazing father one day.
I look at Bailey Sue and see the little lady she is becoming. She is developing a sassy little personality and isn’t afraid to get what she wants!
As Craig and I are preparing for our future, I can’t help but be a little sad to think that I might not be around to see my nieces and nephews grow up. Avery, my oldest niece, and Kelcee, Craig’s little sister, are the same age and are best friends. I think about them going off to their first formal dance and me not being there to do their hair or makeup or to see the lucky boys that get to be their dates. I get sad to think that I might miss dance recitals or wresting tournaments or the many other things that they will do.
I am grateful for the time I have right now to spend with family. I love watching all of my family changing and growing up.
We are pretty blessed in the Youngins House.

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