Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear Chillins'

I want lots of kids...Ya I said it :)
Maybe one day I will look back at this and laugh because I really probably have no idea how hard being a parent really is...but hey...those are the feelings as of today!
As Craig and I have started talking about our future family, I have had so many concerns come to mind.
I am scared to bring them into the world because I don't ever want them to get hurt or to experience the many different trials that life brings, but at the same time, I know that it has to happen.
And, I will have the privilege of being their mom.
I decided to take all my concerns and worries and throw them out the window because fear is not a good thing.
To get all of that fear out, I wrote down a list of things that I want for my children.
Feel free to read.

I obviously want my children to possess many different and great characteristics. I want them to learn from my husband and I, but I also want them to grow on their own. I want them to be brave, hard-working, honest, trusting, loving, special/unique, and every other good thing. I want them to love their religion and have a very special relationship with God. I want them to understand how important good communication skills are. I want them to know how much I love them at all times. I want them to appreciate the different types of people that this beautiful world holds. I want them to understand that trials come, but that we can overcome and WILL overcome anything that is thrown our way. I want them to be happy and to be able to find the fun and good in every situation.  I hope that they will learn most of these qualities from their parents, but I want to make sure that they have others in their lives who love them and that they can also learn from. I want them to have family and friends who build them up and are able to teach them other important qualities that are important to have.
Now, this list could go on and on if I let it- but all in all...I am excited for my future family!
Yes, there are still some nerves and worries, but I know that Craig and I (if we continue to follow the Lord's plan) will be blessed. We will experience trials, I am sure of that, but I hope that we can be strong as a family and endure it all. 

As many of you, I read Stephanie Neilson's blog.
One day, this is what she wrote.

This is why I want to have a lot of children.  
I want to have these memories always. 
I want my children to be happy, I want them to remember that our family 
was always their best support, and their best friends.
I want family life and life events- happy, hard, challenging, and even sad- 
to be their best memories. Ever.
Together we can do anything.

This changed my perspective.
So to all of those gals that are feeling like me, keep your head up.
This mom business won't be easy, but from all I can see- it will most definitely be worth it :)
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