Saturday, August 8, 2015

Oregon Day 3

The third day in Oregon was our actual anniversary, but since Craig had to skip out for half of the day, we just did a little in the morning.
We drove up to one of the dams of Columbia River called the Bonneville Dam.

We learned all about the salmon ladders and got to watch the little and BIG fishies make their way up the river.

These are some type of squid I think??
The minute Craig saw them, he knew exactly what they were.
That's what you get when you have a smart husband who loves animals...even the ugly ones.
They also have a Sturgeon farm there. 
Craig, again, was loving it.

On our way back from the dam, we stopped at one of the look out points along the river.
This area is pretty dang awesome :)
Craig hopes this is our future thank goodness it is pretty :)
At least outside the city :)

On our way back from the Vista House, we stopped at Portlandia- the Oregon foodtruck stop :)
We enjoyed some great Mexican tacos and a fresh wrap. 
This was the last day of pictures we took- because Craig was at his Dental Conference the rest of the time!
I am not really a fan of driving in big cities, so the rest of the time was spent chilling in the hotel room and pool and just watching my baby move :) 

Always a good time when Craiger's and I go on trips <3

Thanks Oregon for a great time!
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