Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thursday Date Night

Last Thursday, Craiger and I went on a hot date to do some Mini Golfin!
By the end of the night, we were both saying that this was the best date we had ever been on :)
I love when we get to spend time together just doing things that we love.
We filled the night with tons and tons of laughs and seriously had the best time together.

I look forward to these types of dates that our little girl will get to tag along on :)
Goodness, am I really ready for this summer to be over??

After mini golfin', I told Craig that we should get some little tokens to play some arcade games before we left...we almost decided not to because we didn't really want to spend anymore money...but! Right as I was walking out of the bathroom (#pregobladder) I saw Craig buying $10 WORTH OF TOKENS!! ha!! 
I was so dang excited!
So we played and played and played to our hearts desires :)
I beat Craig at Mini Golf, but I swear...he is so good at arcade games...
Lets just say we won 200 tickets on Deal or No Deal and 350 tickets on Wheel of Fortune! 
Ha :)
Craig ended the night by spoiling me (again) with a little mini Concrete Mixer from Culver's.
Gosh, I love this man and all he does for me.
No one else could probably handle me, but some how he does.
All while still loving me :)
So- here is to the best date night ever and to the best husband ever also <3
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