Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween 2015

This Halloween was the best one since...well...for probably 3 years!!

Halloween three years ago was fun because I was able to dance at a Volleyball Halftime for UVU Dance Team, but after, I wanted to drive up to Herriman for my family party, but Craig was doing homework and said he couldn't go. I don't even remember what we ended up doing, but I just remember getting in a fight over the whole not a good memory.

Halloween two and one year ago was full of stressful work and school...especially last year for school...can you say UVU Anatomy?!?! Gah...

This years Halloween was AWESOME!
No school, no work...and heck..I have one stinkin' cute baby!!

I threw a little Halloween party for my family the Friday before Halloween.
I was surprised by how stressed out I was planning for this little TINY party!
Gosh, I don't know how people do it all...
I planned food and games and then we had to dress up! Seriously, it was all a little last minute, but it was a blast to see most of my nieces and nephews in their Halloween gear :) 
We took pictures, played Monster Musical Chairs, Halloween Bingo, ate Pizza, Donuts, and Cookies, AND, last but not least, had a donut eating contest :)-- best part of the night if you ask me :)
 Paisley was a little owl for Halloween...cutest owl I ever did see!!
 Taylor was a dead ballerina :)
Lainey was Maleficent (or as she says. Miss-Elephant) HA!!!
Mason was a Werewolf
Gauge was supposed to be Hulk, but decided last minute to be a cowboy
Avery was Snow White- I wish I had a better picture of her dress. My sister in law made it and SERIOUSLY it was amazing...
Bailey was Dorothy- cutest one ever :)
Colby was a Ninja
Ayden was a scary ghost!
Paisley- the owl :)
and Georgia and Amelia were little black kitty cats!
So much fun :)
 I threw together a costume last minute and decided that if little Paiz was going to be an owl, I should also be a woodland creature of some kind...
This is how I landed on a Raccoon :) ha!
 The best part about this is that the other night I was reading her a little story book that we have.
It was the first time that I had read this book, but the story is about a little baby owl. 
The baby owl is out at night because, obviously they are nocturnal, and she tells about visiting the turtle and the fox...etc. But then it says that she went to visit her BEST FRIEND- THE RACCOON!
It couldn't have been any more perfect :) 
Loved it- totally made my day!

 She sat on this chair watching the kids play musical chairs and just kept saying "Hi Colby!" "Hi Taylor!" every time the kids walked by :) ha!
 Little confused on how to smile for the camera :) ha!

 Most hilarious part of the night!
These kids got so competitive!

 Taylor and Gauge tied :)
 Avery and Mason ate these donuts so fast!
Avery had like the whole donut in her mouth before chewing!! ha!

Even better than the kids competition was the MEN competition!! hahaha!!

Brandon joked about beating Kipp and Craig in a donut eating competition, but never thought he would actually have the chance to prove it! 
Well, we made it happen :) 

 Lets just say that Craig killed the competition and Brandon was a little sad about it :) ha!
This picture is so gross! 
I told him he had to chew it all the way to win...well this picture looks like he is about to hurl! ha

Halloween Day-
This year was a little bit busy. That morning/afternoon, we had family pictures with Craig's family and extended family. It was a little bit long, but we got through it :) Paisley was a champ which was a big help.

After the picture session, we had a surprise birthday party for his Grandma Harmer, who just turned 80! We love her so very much so it was very fun to celebrate her. 

After those two events, we cleaned up and drove straight to Sam's Club to run some errands for her baby blessing the next morning...more on that later :)

That night was spent setting up for the blessing, but it was so nice to just chill with family. 

I haven't ever been CRAZY about Halloween, but I still love to dress up and have fun with those that I love. 

So Happy LATE Halloween!! :)
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