Monday, November 16, 2015

2 Months

I seriously cannot believe Paisley is 2 months old!
Time really does fly- but goodness, it just keeps getting better.
I keep thinking, "Ok! Now stay this age! You are so much fun!" ...and then she keeps growing and I say the exact same thing about the next stage. 
So, here it is...the TWO MONTH update...with 
LOTS AND LOTS of pictures...because, ya know, I can't seem to narrow it down to only a few. 
So enjoy!

Weight:  11 Pounds (54%)

Length:  22.24 Inches (43%) 

Diaper Size: Ones

Clothes Size:  3 Months! 

Nemo, Little Miss Paiz, Paizy Girl, Play-see, Little Elf J

She is doing absolutely fantastic! We had her two month check-up today and the doctor said she looks just perfect. We feel very lucky.

We have a champion sleeper!! For three nights in a row now, she has slept the entire night! We mean from like 10/10:30-around 8 AM! Ya…we are counting our lucky stars. If she ever cries at night anymore, we just go in and give her her binky and she goes right back to sleep. She also is the happiest baby ever when she wakes up in the morning J We love to run in and get her and see the smiles when she sees us. It kinda is the best.

She is still breastfeeding and I don’t see it ending anytime soon! I think we are both fans J


-          Paisley’s favorite parts of the day are “girl talk” as I like to call it J I just lay her down on a blanket and sit and chat with her for as long as she likes. She is so alert and TALKATIVE at this time, so it is probably my favorite part of the day too! Sometimes we have girl talk 3-4 times a day…and we even let dad join in when he gets home from work. Craig loves it when he gets to sit and see her super happy and talkative like that. When she first started doing it, I couldn’t help but sit and video her. Let’s just say I have no more storage on my phone and don’t know what to do about it!!
-          She loves getting her tummy massaged by dad when she has little bubbles in her tummy. She will sometimes get fussy towards the end of the night and it seems to stop when we give her gripe water and massage out her tummy. She starts tooting up a storm and we all just get a kick out of it J
-          She still is loving being swaddled when she sleeps. I think it is just a comfort for her.
-          She likes bath time most of the time! I wouldn’t say she “loves” it quite yet, but I think we will get there. She never cries anymore, but she doesn’t always look so sure about it either. We will just say that she likes bath time J
-          She likes holding onto mom’s hair…mom is thinking about cutting her hair to take the fun away…ouch!
-          She loves her Mammaroo!
-          She loves when we kiss her in the mouth! Ha. She always opens up her mouth when we come in to give her kisses and then it makes a loud kissy noise and she likes that.
-          She likes to look out the window when she is bein a fusser and see what’s goin on out there.
-          And…she LOVES her binky. It is a must to have it with us at all times.

sass :)

-          The three shots she got in her leg today! (but only Paisley cried! Mom didn’t! Yippy!!)
-          Tummy Time…ya…not a huge fan. It will only usually last for three or so minutes and then she has had it!
-          CHURCH! I swear! She hates it! She is so naughty! Two weeks ago, I walked around the hall for 2 arms were beat. This last week, Craig did Sunday School and my mother-in-law did relief society. It was a nice break.

-          ­TALK TALK TALK! She loves to sit and talk to us and that has been one of the best milestones yet!

Proof of the lashes...

Ok, this one might be (almost) tied for first place :)

Things I don't want to forget:
-          Her Baby Blessing was very special and I don’t want to ever forget that.
(more to come on that…)
-          She knows me J She knows that I am her mom. She is so young, yet she knows. That really is so, so special to me. When we were at the doctor, for example, he was trying to get her to smile by talking to her and smiling at her and she was just BLANK! The minute she saw me and I started talking to her, she just started beaming from ear to ear! I love those little moments J

Happy Monday Everyone :)
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