Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weeks 3-6

I decided it was time to do a real catch up.
My phone is getting SO FULL from pictures that I have a is going to start causing some issues...haha :)

So here is a little dump of the cutest little peach ever!

Love my little Paiz <3

Three Weeks

This was her first little smile that was not a sleep smile :)
Craig didn't believe me, but oh boy, it was the start of my favorite phase yet! 
I love when she looks at me, knows I am her mamma, and gives me a sweet little smile :)

Four Weeks
 My littler napper pal :)
 Craig and I call this her CRAZY SMILES!
 Love when my baby girl is happy and smiley!!

 New Jammies :)
This is what we do when daddy gets home from work :) 
Chillin little pals :)

Five Weeks
 I am sorry, isn't she beautiful?

 Craig was teaching her how to ride a motorcycle in this picture...very productive night with our five week old :)
Craig's thumbs are the handlebars :)
They are so cute :)
These cute little fists are my favorite.

Six Weeks

 She is always so happy after I finish feeding her- so there are lots of pictures on this little boppy pillow :)

 Easy like a Thursday morning :)
I didn't have class till later that day, so we got to sleep in that morning :) 
I LOVE these two buddies.

Happy Thursday Y'all!
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