Monday, November 2, 2015

They Come In Three's

On August 9th, two little girlies joined our family.
THEN on September 14th, my little Paisley came along.
That meant that our family had three new baby girls within about a month!
To say we were all on cloud nine would be an understatement :)
 These pictures were taken when Paisley was about 5 days old...and she is the same size as her almost 6 week old cousins!! HA. 
Good stuff :)
I am the youngest sibling in my family of five. My closest sibling is 8.5 years older than me.
I was always secretly sad that my kids would most likely not have any cousins their age to play with.
But, I lucked out :)
These two little gals are my sisters 4th and 5th. Paisley will be best friends with these two little girls, I just know it :)

So grateful for my family <3
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