Sunday, November 1, 2015

One Month

Ya, we are a little late on this, but oh well right?

Weight: Around 8 lbs. 8 oz.

 21 inches

Diaper Size: One

Clothes Size: 
We are currently making the transition out of the newborns and into our 0-3 months! AH! Although I love seeing her in all of these cute new outfits, it is so sad that she is getting bigger!! I want her to stay little forever!

Paiz or Little Miss Paiz and many other silly ones that mom cycles through J
Our family favorite is PLAYSEE. My niece, Bailey Sue, could not say Paisley’s name when she was born so she would call her playsee J haha!! It is now what almost everyone calls her and it makes us laugh pretty darn hard.

She is doing absolutely great! The only complaint is that she went through this phase of throwing up! It was not just a little bit of spit up, but a whole projectile vomit of milk! Not my favorite phase ever.
She also has had some really bad skin L We originally thought it was Baby Acne, but when it did not go away and starting spreading to her chest and stuff, we started questioning it. Since then, I have gone off of most dairy. It has started to clear up, so sadly, I think I won’t be having much milk for a while L

When she was first born, she would only sleep with daddy or in her car seat. After her two week appointment, our doctor discouraged us from sleeping her in her car seat anymore. So, as of two weeks, she has been sleeping in her crib! The first night we let her sleep in her crib was SO hard. I sat outside her room starting at her monitor just bawling because she was crying L  She was not a fan of it at first, but she likes it more now. There are some nights when she is a fantastic sleeper, going from 5-6 hours between eating. But, there are also some rough nights when she will go 3-4 hours and then doesn’t really seem interested in being alone in her room anymore. Ha. Little turkey! So, when that happens, we usually will bring her into bed with us until the morning J I don’t sleep as well with her in our bed, but I also know that it won’t be like this forever. I am sure that one day I will be begging for her to cuddle up to me in bed again.

She is a great eater! She has latched on from the beginning which has been a huge blessing. There are times when I use a nipple shield, but for the most part, we do just fine on our own (huge blessing). She is pretty much exclusively fed on breast milk, but occasionally she will have formula.

-          Loves to eat
-          Snuggling and being held
-          Being wrapped up tight
-          Her MammaRoo- depending the day
-          Talking with her Mom and Dad
-          Loves her car seat- I mean I think she could sleep all day if we let her in there
-          She used to HATE bath time when it was just done on the side of the sink, but now that we actually submerge her in the water, she LOVES IT! She just sits and looks at me as I bathe her and it is pretty darn cute…until she poops or something like that. I could go without that stuff…ha

-          When she has bubbles in her tummy
-          If she unlatches or if I do not latch her quickly enough, she has a little freak out. This consists of throwing her head from side to side, mouth wide open, breathing like a little puppy dog. I would honestly say it is one of the cutest things she does J HAHA! I love it J
-          MILK L She gets really pukey when I drink milk. And when I say pukey, I mean projectile vomit. It is nice to have to change sheets, wash carpet, change clothes, etc. when this happens. Also, the milk has affected her skin a ton also. My sweet newborn didn’t have newborns skin after 4 weeks. She has had lots of baby acne and little rashes on her body. So now- mom is off milk which is the stinkin hardest thing ever….grrrr.

-          All Smiles- She started smiling while Craig was gone at a dental interview. He would not believe that she was smiling other than in her sleep no matter how hard I tried convincing him.  I was so happy to prove it to him when he got back in town J ha! We love it when she is awake because she will just sit and coo at us and smile J
-          She has slept about four 5-6 hour stretches now at night, but it is not a consistent thing yet, sadly! I sometimes will miss her in the middle of the night, but other times, I really just want to sleep.
-          I keep getting scared that she is going to start rolling over soon. Scared because I am not ready to have her start rolling around everywhere…that is a little terrifying to me.

Things I don't want to forget:
-          She took her first road trip to Delta!
-          First day at Lagoon- no rides yet of course J
-          She is balding on the sides of her head…we might have a Grandpa on our hands soon J
-          SHE IS THE NOISIEST BABY!! There is never a time when our house is quiet because she is seriously grunting all the time! Sometimes we will get a snort, or other times a little yell, but grunting is her favorite noise to make…and we love it all J
-          All around, Paisley is a very happy and content baby. She really doesn’t cry much unless she is hungry. But, there are these times that she will not be getting enough attention or something and she just starts pouting...haha! Honestly, it couldn’t be cuter. It is like her way of telling us, “I am going to start crying so you better feed me, etc.” I think it is supposed to make us feel bad, but Craig and I burst into laughter every time she does it. It is the absolute most adorable thing ever! I will have to get a picture so that it is documented J
-          When Paisley had her two week checkup, she had to get a little blood work done. When they do this, they prick the heel of their foot and “juice” their foot till they have enough blood. Craig was out of town at the time and so I asked my mom if she would go to the appointment with me. And it is a good thing she did because I was a BAWL baby. I seriously sat there just holding my daughter with tears running down my cheeks. Ya, I am that mom. I never thought I would be THAT mom, but look what happened. I swear your heart grows 10x when you become a mother. And that heart can’t handle watching my baby in pain!!
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  1. Ah! The 2 week heel poke is the WOOOOOORST!!!!! I sobbed too haha! Ah, newborn life is so intoxicatingly addictive, despite it's ups and downs! You're doing great, enjoy it!

    1. Ok, I am glad I am not the only one out there! Thank you! I can see why people have lots of babies- it's all about the newborns :) haha!


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