Friday, December 4, 2015

Kangaroos Roos

Before I had Paisley, 
I thought one of the most important things I could have was a wrap to hold her in.
I know that I am a person who doesn't really like sitting still if there is something that I could possibly be, crafting, cooking..ya know.
So after debating on spending money on one of those wraps.. ($65 +), I decided to try and make one.
This wrap comes in handy at times when I have to go stuff done and she refuses to live life without being held.. :)
Looking back, I am really glad that I did not spend the money on one because I just don't use it enough to justify it, but I am glad that I made one for less that 8 bucks :)
I love carrying this little roo on me...despite my back getting sore :)
Crazy to think that I did that for 9 flippin months. ha
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