Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday Are THE BEST

Since having a little person added to our family, we have had to find time to go out just us two.
This at first was difficult for me, because I already feel that I spend a lot of time away from my baby girl.
But, Craig has helped me understand that we still need to strengthen our own relationship, alone :)
I have really enjoyed that time that we have taken to just enjoy us...and sometimes she will tag along too!
Thursday's have become a really happy day after about 3:45 :)
We finish school and then chill for a little bit and then are able to go to a movie or dinner...or both!
I have loved spending time with my baby daddy...gosh is a good lookin guy :)
So, here is to many more date nights and fun times with this babe.
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  1. Celeste! I just love reading your blog - you have such a sweet little family!

    1. Emily! This just made my day! I enjoy reading about others every day hopefully mine doesn't bore anyone that comes across it :) Thank you for the sweet comment!!


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