Saturday, August 9, 2014

Criss Cross

Craiger and I finally got something crossed off that Bucket List of ours! 
And it may be the most simple thing ever...
Ya, that's right. Craig and I have never ever been bowling together!!
So we finally went and had a freakin BALL!
Before we started our 'Cosmic Bowling' though, we took a quick ($7 dollar) detour to the arcade- another first for Craigsters and I.
 On the right there is Craig's brother, Dustin and his date Kourtney
 Gettin' all sorta a serious
 (nice part in the hair lettie....)
 I was pretty AMAZING at this one coin game- and got quite a few tickets, thanks :)

Once the bowling started- we had an even better time. 
But, if any of you know Craig and I- you probably know that we are both pretty darn competitive. 
Craig still ended up doing really well.
Thank heavens I didn't go in hoping that I would clean everyone's clocks...because it was quite the opposite :)
Flubber (there on the side) is what we won with all of those tickets ha!
 This is usually what the score looked like.
(L is for Lettie- my nickname- and yes- I was trying SO HARD.)
(best cross-eyes I can do apparently...)
 This is the first knee-slapper for the night though.
During Cosmic Bowling- they give out prizes for those that win the competition they are holding during that time. Craig, Dustin, and Kourtney all got strikes- so they got free drinks. 
I was the only one who did not succeed.
So then later on- they did a competition for whoever could hit the #7 pin, and only the #7 pin (the #7 pin is the one in the very back on the left side)
So, I gave it my best shot (even though I knew it would go in the gutter) and to my glorious surprise- I did it!!
So guess what I won? 
A Chocolate Shake folks. 
That's right!
And guess what I did- I ate it :)
Winner Winner!!
So, as you can see- I was the best bowler on our team. 
I know- you are not surprised are ya :)
 But to end the night with a bang- I won the biggest competition of all! 
There were colored pins popping up throughout all of the lanes. If a colored pin popped up in your lane, in the very front, you had to grab someone to watch you bowl. If you got a strike- you got five bucks...Well, guess who did it :)
The other three settled for drinks- but I...I never settle for anything less than the best :) 
ice cream on me tonight guys :)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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